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Celestine Thomas

The art that a two-year-old might make if they had the technical skills and knowledge - Celestine Thomas

Colour has fascinated Thomas for as long as she can remember. She says that when she was a child, being dyslexic meant that colour was the language she more easily identified with, rather than ABC or 123. Colour was how she used books, watched films, looked at art in galleries, and generally observed the world.

Thomas’s work has taken her back to her childhood. She has begun playing like a child again, using building blocks, collaging, and pouring paint, with no limits or rules. Her latest work is exploring children's books. Using them as colouring books, Thomas is painting over the pages, influenced by the colour found and enhancing it or editing out, ultimately, she is now creating her own library.

Upcoming Exhibitions 



11th June - 1st July Cass Art Islington London


Past Exhibitions

September - December 2022 - Book Project Online Exhibition, Tebbs Contemporary Gallery

October 2022- Studio Fridays Art Fair, Totteridge, and Whetstone, London

July 2022 - Free for All, Democratising the Gallery Space, Art Bypass Gallery, London

July 2022 - Differing Parallels, Insight School of Art, London

June 2022 - Unmute, Dunoon, Scotland

June 2022 - Significant Other, Art Bypass Gallery, London 

March 2022 - 30 x 30 Borders Art Fair, Scotland

Jan 2022 – Teacher Exhibition, Insight School of Art, London 

October 2021 – 30x30 Exhibition, Royal Scottish Academy, Scotland 

Nov 2021 – Display, London Arts Depot, London 

Sep 2021 – Abstract, Espacio Gallery, Tebbs Contemporary Gallery 

May 2021 – Connected, online gallery, Angle Art Collective Gallery 

Jan 2021 – Kaleidoscope, online gallery, worldwide 

2020 – The Sketchbook Book Project, Vol. 17 Tour, various locations in America  

2019 – present, online gallery, Studio Fridays website  

2016 Teacher Group Show, Insight School of Art, London  

2015 Factory 15 Degree show, The Old Truman Brewery, London  

2014 Restricted Space, Cre8 Space, London 

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