Celestine Thomas

Working in mixed media, predominantly using found materials, Celestine builds two and three-dimensional structures to fill spaces. From sketchbook pages to gallery installations. The found elements within her work are most often dismantled after completion and reused to allow her work to be forever evolving. As a contemporary colourist, the nature of the materials used within Celestine's work is wide-ranging, with a focus on the interplay of colour. Celestine’s sketchbooks are scrapbooks of collected colour, documenting her thought processes and exploration. The pages appear to show a unique language. These personal explorations of colour go on to inform Celestine’s larger works.


‘I find the subject of colour fascinating. I am naturally drawn to it. Even as young children we pick out objects that are most appealing to us and are taught from a young age the labels to describe colour, as important as our ABC and 123.

I believe my personal obsession with colour has a strong connection with my dyslexia. I have spent most of my life not being defined by it but I feel like it is a contributing factor to my experience of the world and seeing colour. I want to show the colours I am captivated by to other people’ - Celestine 


Dec 2021 – 20th Anniversary Exhibition, Insight School of Art, London 

October 2021 – 30x30 Exhibition, Royal Scottish Academy, Scotland 

Nov 2021 – Display, London Arts Depot, London 

Sep 2021 – Abstract, Espacio Gallery, Tebbs Contemporary Gallery 

May 2021 – Connected, online gallery, Angle Art Collective Gallery 

Jan 2021 – Kaleidoscope, online gallery, worldwide 

2020 – The Sketchbook Book Project, Vol. 17 Tour, various locations in America  

2019 – present, online gallery, Studio Fridays website  

2016 Teacher Group Show, Insight School of Art, London  

2015 Factory 15 Degree show, The Old Truman Brewery, London  

2014 Restricted Space, Cre8 Space, London