Celestine is inspired by colour in any way it is found – any form it presents itself. Fascinated by the many structors colour comes in, Celestine reflects this in her work by using a mixture of media. The structures of colour are manipulated in two and three dimensions. Recycled elements can be found in her work and is a theme throughout. If a material is not originally recycled at first Celestine often used same them again and again especially in her larger pieces. 

Celestine has ongoing artist books that she uses to collect and document all the colours. Any colour that appeals to her. From this she arranges them in a way that seems like a unique language that only she knows. The end result may seem naïve and childlike but balances the colour she sees flawlessly for the eye to enjoy.  From these explorations of colour Celestine creates larger works.

“Every day we experience colour. In everything we do. Artist and non- artist alike. Colour is an individual experience, so the way we experience colour is different to the next person. Such factors as light, culture, background, language, context to the time of day will all define our experience we have with it. We are unique individual human beings and our eyes see colour so differently. I want to show the colours I am captivated by to other people” - Celestine 

©2020 by Celestine Thomas.