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Celestine Thomas

Celestine Thomas' art is rooted in her lifelong fascination with colour, further fueled by her experience as a person with dyslexia. 
Thomas channels this dynamic language into paintings and as someone who finds it more accessible to express themselves through colour than traditional language. Celestines' semi-abstract artworks are visually striking and offer a unique insight into a child-like and imaginative world. 

Aside from paintings, Celestine also creates sculptures using found materials. Thomas' playful and whimsical sculptures continue to explore the themes of childhood and creativity, showcasing the ability to transform discarded objects into meaningful works of art.

Celestine encourages us to embrace childhood's resourceful, playful, and colourful nature and appreciate everyday objects' beauty and creativity that often go unnoticed. Her unique perspective and approach to art inspire us to see the world with fresh eyes and to find joy and wonder in the simplest things.

Upcoming Exhibitions 



11th June - 1st July Cass Art Islington London


Past Exhibitions

September - December 2022 - Book Project Online Exhibition, Tebbs Contemporary Gallery

October 2022- Studio Fridays Art Fair, Totteridge, and Whetstone, London

July 2022 - Free for All, Democratising the Gallery Space, Art Bypass Gallery, London

July 2022 - Differing Parallels, Insight School of Art, London

June 2022 - Unmute, Dunoon, Scotland

June 2022 - Significant Other, Art Bypass Gallery, London 

March 2022 - 30 x 30 Borders Art Fair, Scotland

Jan 2022 – Teacher Exhibition, Insight School of Art, London 

October 2021 – 30x30 Exhibition, Royal Scottish Academy, Scotland 

Nov 2021 – Display, London Arts Depot, London 

Sep 2021 – Abstract, Espacio Gallery, Tebbs Contemporary Gallery 

May 2021 – Connected, online gallery, Angle Art Collective Gallery 

Jan 2021 – Kaleidoscope, online gallery, worldwide 

2020 – The Sketchbook Book Project, Vol. 17 Tour, various locations in America  

2019 – present, online gallery, Studio Fridays website  

2016 Teacher Group Show, Insight School of Art, London  

2015 Factory 15 Degree show, The Old Truman Brewery, London  

2014 Restricted Space, Cre8 Space, London 

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